A team highly qualified and experienced in private and commercial aviation maintenance. Professionals with hands on maintenance activities, engineering and planning experience, able to align ourselves with the goals of your company as a part of a system rather than individual objectives, enabling us to focus our effort in supporting the achievement of such goals from the smallest tasks to the main projects perspective and provide you with the solutions that are unique your company’s needs.

  • Perform controls and technical status of Aircrafts. (LDND, HTs, ADs, SBs, MODs, D&B Chart,OCCM,LLPs, BTB, Engines, APUs, etc).
  • Manage Mayor Aircraft Checks, Deliveries and Redeliveries
  • Maintenance Management (Maintenance Schedules,Planning, Component Tracking, Maintenance
  • Operations,Training, Publications, Regulatory Liaison, Insurance, MEL DDG, Logistics, etc.)
  • Perform the maintenance manuals update. Implementation of the Reliability Program. Projects Engineer (MRO Services)
  • Maintenance Reserves Management