Mission statement:

K&J Aviation’s mission is to provide reliable, affordable, and fast maintenance solutions to our customers without sacrificing any of the quality which is needed and expected from any aviation maintenance organization.

Our team is ready to take on any project with precise planning, identify the specific needs of each customer and project beforehand.

Customer satisfaction is of the upmost importance to us, and this is only achieved thru hard work and the highest quality.

Our team:

High quality is only achieved thru the effective teamwork of every single part of our team. Young, smart and professional group of aircraft technicians, inspired by their love to aviation and trained to the specific task performed, our team excels to bring 100% of themselves to each project.

Understanding they are the front line of our company, K&J Aviation makes great emphasis on their training, skill building and employee satisfaction at the workplace, making every link of the chain as strong as the next.  

The beginning:

Aviation is evolving everyday with newer technology upgrading our aircraft every day, forcing the maintenance side of the field to evolve, grow and learn the maintenance needed to keep these aircraft where they belong, in the air.

Two aircraft technicians realized the need for aircraft maintenance to have a young, strong and reliable evolution to the new era of aviation and brought their years of experience together to bring K&J Aviation to today’s aviation maintenance needs. What started as a team of two, doing basic maintenance tasks and inspections, has grown to a group of over 10 professional aircraft technicians who handle any task, anywhere at any given time.